Garrett PowerMax Stage 1 AVNT GT3794VA Turbocharger Upgrade

Garrett PowerMax Stage 1 AVNT GT3794VA Turbocharger Upgrade
Product Code: 773540-5001S
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This is a complete drop-in performance upgrade turbocharger kit that provides extra flow, efficiency and durability, delivering the boost you need.


Advanced GT-series wheel designs that ensure top performance, lower back pressure and reduced intake and exhaust gas temperatures.

Featuring the Garrett® patented Advanced Variable Nozzle Turbine (AVNTTM) design for increased compressor flow and turbine flow

Utilizes nine movable vanes which significantly increase turbine efficiency and improve engine performance from idle launch through peak torque

Patented integral electro-hydraulic actuation and proportional solenoid for infinitely variable control

Provides up to an estimated 500 HP with no sacrifice to drivability

Suitable as a performance upgrade or replacement for original equipment

Outline interchangeable for a perfect fit each and every time

The PowerMaxTM Duramax Turbo Kit includes:


Garrett® patented AVNTTM GT3794VA Turbocharger


Adapter cable

Installation instructions

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