MADS Smarty Programmer S-67ME - Dodge Cummins 07-09

MADS Smarty Programmer S-67ME - Dodge Cummins 07-09
Brand:MADS Electronics
Product Code: S-67ME
Availability:In Stock
Price: $685.00

This product is for Middle East, East Europe, South 

America and Africa markets ONLY, where the 
emissions regulations do not require the DPF and 
NOx adsorber technology.
Fast guide to  Smarty’s special Features
Ability to delete the EGR / DPF code free
Late injection events (4th inj) disabled
No exhaust thermocouples simulators required
CaTCHER software's inside
Ten different  performance levels
Fastest download in the industry, up to three times faster than 
the competition, a typical ECM update takes about 5 minutes
ABS tire height updates in just few seconds
Manual High Idle is enabled in all softwares
Reads  Diagnostic Trouble Codes in plain text
No tools required, no fuses to pull
USB built in for simple updates
Free internet updates
Most complete keyboard in the industry
Reliable, it works off your OEM hardware
Programmable Speed Limiter from 25 to 250 mph
Programmable parameters for fine tuning
Power on Demand
*** Unlike the Smarty S06 for the 5.9L, the Smarty S67ME is not 
Fast guide to Smarty's software levels
The horsepower settings. except #0, all other softwares have a 
modified "Torque management" ( TQM ). The throttle response 
is greatly improved but is set to a safe limit. With "Safe" I mean 
safe for your tranny and rest of the driveline.
SW # 0 : Half power
SW # 1 : 30 hp increase, with added timing
SW # 2 : 60 hp increase, no added timing ***
SW # 3 : 60 hp increase, with added timing
SW # 4 : 90 hp increase, no added timing ***
SW # 5 : 90 hp increase, with added timing
SW # 6 : 130 hp increase, no added timing ***
SW # 7 : 130 hp increase, with added timing
SW # 8 : 170 hp increase, no added timing *** °°°
SW # 9 : 170 hp increase, with added timing °°°
°°° Do not use for prolonged high speed runs! Speeds exceeding approx 
105 MPH can result in high exhaust gas temperatures and damage the 
Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) !!!
*** All even numbered softwares (2-4-6-8) without timing are to be used 
for stacking with other after market power adding devices that also add 
their own timing. NO additional timing has to be used with the odd 
numbered softwares (1-3-5-7-9).
Severe engine damage will result !!!
Tested on stock trucks on our in house Dyno Dinamics Twin 
Retarder Dyno.
Stock means just that. Stock! Even the air filters were stock...
We checked the "baseline" ( the stock truck hp at the rear 
wheels ) twice in a day in order to be sure about our findings. 
The above declared hp numbers are all rounded down to the 
closest number. For example the 90 hp file actually did 96 hp. 
That's a 90 hp software for me, not a 100. The 170 hp was 176.
ABS / Speedo recalibration
The tire height can be adjusted up to 44" in increments of 10 
tenth of an inch in just a couple seconds. Of course, Smarty 
needs to be VIN# locked to the truck in order to get into the ABS 
adjustment section.
DTC Code reader
The name says it all.
You can read and erase codes. Codes are displayed also in 
plain English. That's old news by now. Smarty S-03 was the first 
one to provide that utility, others found the idea to be a good 
one too.  
( Smarty does erase ABS codes too but does not display them )
ECM update speed
Faster than anything else on the market! Again we've done our 
homework on the protocol. Less than 5 minutes. Three times 
faster than a Star-Scan diagnostic tool or competitor.
We have developed our own bootloader in order to not have to 
pull fuses should an update become interrupted for any reason. 
All you have to do is to turn the key off / key on Smarty does 
everything else on it's own.
The CaTCHER softwares as they are today are only a starting 
point. Expect major news in future. We’re for your feedback, 
opinions, likes, dislikes...
We will make Smarty do what YOU want, TOGETHER.


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