ATS Diesel Dodge Aurora 4000 Turbo

ATS Diesel Dodge Aurora 4000 Turbo
Brand:ATS Diesel
Product Code: 2029402218
Availability:In Stock
Price: $1,795.00$1,705.25


Aurora 4000 Turbo Kit, Fits 24-Valve Dodge, 98.5-02 Cummins. Complete with all hardware NEW! Comes with a four-inch down pipe
One of our most popular turbochargers, the Aurora 4000 turbo system is the perfect solution when looking for a turbo for your Dodge Cummins® diesel truck that provides solid power, and can still easily be driven every day. You get a moderate spool-up time, solid midrange power and boost pressures up to 48 PSI. And there is no need for head studs with this turbo.

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