Diablo Sport Predator Programmer U7194

Diablo Sport Predator Programmer U7194
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What is the Diablosport Predator?
The Predator is a state-of-the art, high performance tuning flash programmer in a sleek handheld design. Once connected to the vehicle, the Predators internal computer recognizes the vehicles PCM and automatically picks the proper tuning files designed specifically for that PCM. Inside the Predator's memory are the actual tuning files that optimize spark timing and air/fuel ratio curves. Unlike other 'tuners', DiabloSport's programming is performed in very small increments throughout the entire RPM rnge, for a smoother, wider and a more predictable power delivery. DiabloSport engineers spend many hours on the dyno, street and track to ensure the tunes provided with the Predator are the best they can be.
Dyno Tested Performance Tunes
The Predator was created with one thing in mind, POWER!
Average power gains are per tune. The Predators additional power makes itself noticeable immediately with an increase in power that starts in the low RPMs and builds into a frenzy at the high RPMs.
A Predator equipped vehicle will notice significant improvements in drivability. The additional power created by the Predator tune will yield quicker acceleration and better mileage, whether it is in town or out on the highway.
The power increase in the lower RPMs will yield a better throttle response. The increase in MPG is a byproduct of maximized engine efficiency, the improved timing curve and air/fuel ratio creates a more complete combustion, i.e. the engine extracts more power from each molecule of gasoline.
  • U7194 Stock Vehicle Tunes/Horsepower Gains:
  • GM Gas Trucks 15-20 rwhp 15-20 ft/lbs (87 octane)
  • GM Gas trucks 20-30 rwhp 25-30 ft/lbs (Premium)
  • Corvette 15-20 rwhp 20-25 ft/lbs
  • Z06 25 rwhp 20-25 ft/lbs
  • G8 GT/GXP 20-25 rwhp 20-25 ft/lbs
  • Camaro SS 20 rwhp 20-25 ft/lbs
  • 93 Octane Performance Tune
  • 91 Octane Performance Tune,Corvette,G8 and Camaro only
  • 87 Octane Performance Tune (Truck & SUV only)
  • MPG Booster Tune (Truck & SUV only)
  • Modify Factory Tune
  • U7194 Specific Features:
  • NOTE: Very early calibrations are not supported, update by GM dealer might be required for some.
  • Click here to see more details on how to adjust parameters.
  • COT time delay
  • DoD disable
  • Idle RPM Drive/Neutral
  • Injector Slope adjustment
  • WOT Fuel 2k-3.8k / 4k-4.9k / 5k-7k
  • Rev Limit
  • WOT Spark (in degrees) 1k-3.8k / 4k-5k / 5.2k-7k
  • Fan adjustment, individual adjustment per temp dependent cell
  • Tire Size
  • Speed limit(truck/SUV only)
  • Read/Write time is approx 60 seconds
  • Clear codes supported
  • Live data and log supported
  • Holds up to 5 custom tunes & Dat viewer is supported.
  • All standard DiabloSport Predator features
Predator Custom Tuning
Custom tunes are most likely needed if you modified your car, which are available from any CMR dealer.
The Predator can hold up to 5 custom tunes made by any CMR dealer nationwide, the upload process is less than 30sec. This makes the predator a valuable product to have. If you tuned your vehicle from stock and like the power your car is producing, most likely you will start adding modifications to your car as time goes on. Good thing you have a predator because u can go to any of our CMR dealers and get a custom tune for your exact modification setup. Your car will run better, faster and get the best gas mileage that can be achieved for that particular modification setup.

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