Banks Power Stinger System

Banks Power Stinger System
Brand:Banks Power
Product Code: 49296
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Price: $2,595.00$2,335.50

Stinger® System

8.3L ISC PUSHER: Banks Stinger adds +92hp @2200 rpm, right where you're looking for high-end speed. But, the power you really feel is torque, and Banks Stinger matches the peak torque output of the stock engine (1050 lb-ft @ 1400 rpm), and holds that level through the prime driving range, with a top gain of 219 lb-ft @ 2200 rpm. Banks' method puts out significant muscle for Cummins ISC 24-valve motorhomes with standard auto transmissions, without challenging the unit's durability. Stinger's BigHead actuator gets the factory-turbo "on boost" faster and holds on to it, while the OttoMind precisely calibrates fuel for more power and safe EGTs.


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