BD-Power High Flow Dodge Cummins Injectors

BD-Power High Flow Dodge Cummins Injectors
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Replace your stock injectors with BD’s flow-enhanced exchange fuel injectors. These injectors feature a new nozzle design with orifices created by an EDM machine for the highest degree of accuracy. Each orifice is then de-burred through an abrasive extrusion process that enhances both fuel flow and atomization.
BD has been rebuilding fuel injection components for 31 years. During this period they have found different Bosch injector nozzles that do flow more fuel and produce more power. . Included with the kit is a metered orifice that increases your turbo boost for the exact air fuel ratio.
BD now offers X Pulse Injectors that have been reworked to increase the amount of fuel beyond the stock design. Bosch injectors result in 20-40 Rear Wheel Hp increase depending upon the engine and injector nozzle. The new X Pulse produce 30-50 RHP and they also offer XXX Pulse Injectors that produce 60-90 RHP.
When choosing the XXX Pulse and XXXX Budha Pulse we recommend electronic engine timing and turbocharger ontrols and modifications. These high performance injectors require modifications to drive train to handle the power increase.
*** WARNING these injectors are for extreme/race use only andmay cause excessive smoke/heat

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